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The Liberty Legends Collection plus a variety of other ‘Made in the USA’ items are now available online through Mill Town Mercantile. Begin your purchase today!

Liberty Legends USA

The Liberty Legends USA Series is a collaboration of Made in America businesses promoting a movement to Buy American, bringing jobs and profits back to American soil. The program debuted with a new line of high quality western jackets and dress jeans made in the United States carrying the Gatlin Brothers’ name. The Gatlin Brothers USA Collection consists of four of The Sewell Companies’ tailored jackets and a lapel vest.

Liberty Legends Back Story

Legends Leading the Movement

We started this movement because our we care about our country and wanted to do something about it. We know if we don’t turn around the way we do business and the way we think about our goods and services in America, our children and grandchildren are going to inherit a mess. It’s up to us to lay the foundation for future generations and a core principle is that we have to get back to supporting our family and neighbors buy buying items Made in the USA.

It is our honor to partner with “Legends” to help us spread the message.

Legends are dedicated to promoting the mission of helping us remember that our purchasing choices have impact. We celebrate our Legends who have committed their time and passion to helping us build awareness and who have made the choice of launching their own Made in the USA products. Thank you Gatlin Brothers and Oak Ridge Boys for your passion and commitment to leading the mission!

In 2015, Larry Gatlin was instrumental in helping establish the Legends movement. As our first Legend we are honored to to launch a western line of clothing featuring the Gatlin Brothers ‘USA Collection’.

In 2017, it was our honor to launch The Oak Ridge Boys ‘American Made Collection’. This collection will feature high quality Made in the USA suits.

The Gatlin Brothers

Liberty Legends
Duane Allen and Larry Gatlin 2017
Mill Town Music Hall

The Oak Ridge Boys

About Our Sponsor Mill Town Music Hall


Mill Town Music Hall opened as West Georgia’s largest concert and entertainment venue on January 28, 2012 and the community hasn’t stopped singing its praises since. Mill Town Music Hall is known for offering family-friendly concerts that span multiple music genres including country, contemporary Christian, southern rock, bluegrass and gospel. Located conveniently off I-20 in Bremen (1031 Alabama Avenue), Mill Town Music Hall has most importantly helped revitalize the West Georgia area.

“Growing up in a small town in West Georgia, I witnessed the positive impact the apparel industry had on families and local businesses. Manufacturing was the economic foundation for many communities across this country, including mine. Unfortunately, many of those jobs have moved overseas,” recalls Owner of Mill Town Music Hall, Randall Redding. “We believe in America and think it’s time to reverse the damage to our country. The path we are currently on is unsustainable – we must grow our way out. The only way to bring back our stability is to put Americans back to work. The Liberty Legends Series is a step in that direction. We hope this program will draw attention to the core economic problem we have in America and will cause people to stop and think before making a future purchase. Together, we can put Americans back to work and turn our great nation around. We hope you’ll join us.”